duo Soñj – Gwenael Kerleo & Yann Crépin

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Welcome to the official website of Gwenal Kerleo it is being rejuvenation, with a large Celtic magic reinforcement, so we rely on your patience, the time it takes effect.

Thank you all, and see you soon to discover the current project: Sonj duo – Gwenael Kerleo – Yann Crepin


4 thoughts on “duo Soñj – Gwenael Kerleo & Yann Crépin

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  2. Being Welsh I am very interested in listening to Celtic music and by chance heard you play a piece called Etrezek al lein on Youtube in 2013. I must say it was captivating beautifully played and hence led me to your website and interested to see you marrying piano to harp.

    I wish you well and I will keep an eye out for your work.

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