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Last Prayer


One more time, I see you in my mind

Stood by the riverside, moon shinning in your eyes

Ohh one more time, I leave my fears behind

Let everything subside, I’m at your side

One more time, I step across the line

Knowing what I will find, only when I’m with you

Ohh one more time, everything will be fine

Nothing can change my mind, know that it’s true

One more time, I see the grand design

Among the stars that shine, that’s where we both belong

Ohh one more time, I let my thoughts unwind

Know you are always mine, so beautifully strong

Oh it feels so right, here in your arms tonight

You set my soul alight, like you were always there

So easily, you let my spirit free

Now you will forever,  be my last prayer
Paroles de Gareth Harris